Wheatbelt police concerned with unrestrained kids

POLICE are concerned at the number of parents who allow young children to move about the car unrestrained while they are driving.
Nanjing Night Net

During Operation Crossroads over Easter in the Wheatbelt police district, 38 people were charged with seat belt offences and, according to police, most of those charges related to children not being properly restrained.

“As I understand it, most of the seat belt offences were children standing on the back seat of the car as a police car went past,” Senior Sergeant Ron Daniels, officer in charge of Merredin police, said.

Operation Crossroads ran for five days from theWednesday before Easter toEaster Monday.

In that time Wheatbelt police conducted 2383 random breath tests, with only four drivers charged with drink driving offences.

Thirteen vehicles were seized, four forhoondriving offences and the remainder because the drivers did not have authority to drive.

A total of 42 drivers were detected driving without a licence and 489 drivers were charged with speeding offences.

Drivers charged with offences during Operation Crossroads lost double demerit points.

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