Time for review?: Blues call for tighter processes after time controversy

IT turned into the curious case of the missing minutes at Jervois on Saturday, as the Bluds celebrated a hard-fought win.
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Or were there missing minutes?

Controversy and confusion surrounded Jervois’ five-point league win after a complaint was lodged to the River Murray Football League (RMFL) by the Imperial Football Club as it was alleged the siren was blown too early in the close clash.

Jervois president Michelle Hill said she had received correspondence from the league, which included a letter of complaint from the Imperial Football Club, about the timing of the match.

“We had a big weekend with past premiership players there, we were undermanned (with injuries) but played our guts out and Imps had to put a dampener on the weekend.”

Hill said the quarter was short, with only two goals kicked.

She threw her support behind the officiating time keeper, who shared the box with their Imperial counterpart.

“Our timekeeper did the right thing … he told me he did the right thing.”

Hill said the Bluds would respond to the league within the seven-day time period but said “I don’t think we have a case to answer.”

Imperial Football Club president David Daish confirmed the club had written to the league after a disagreement in the timekeeper’s box and asked they investigate the issue.

“The timebox is manned by both an official from Jervois and Imperials, near the end of the A grade game on Saturday, the Imperial timekeeper had an issue when the Jervois timekeeper blew the siren which seemed before the end of the game according to his stopwatch,” he said.

“Both officials, we believe, spoke to the league secretary after the game to discuss the issue.”

“As a club we have not suggested a penalty or any remedial action as we feel that’s up to the league to decide.

Daish said the club assumed the league would look at all of the evidence to see if there was an issue with either of the timekeepers watches, why there was a discrepancy, and then why was the siren blown if there was a discrepancy.

“Also we assume they will look at why was remedial action not taken immediately,” he said.

“It’s sad for players from both sides who battled their hearts out, along with all the coaching and support staff from each sides that through now fault of their own there is now a controversy at the end of the game.”

“What we would like to see come out of this is better procedures if there is disagreement between timing officials along with procedures for notifying the umpires immediately if the siren has inadvertently been blown at a disputed time, an incorrect time or even due to some hardware malfunction.’

Daish said their seems some confusion between what constitutes time on (where the clock is held) between officials and umpires so this may need to be clarified and all involved may need addition coaching and direction in that area.

“As officials and stakeholders in the RMFL we want clear results free of an controversy and as issues come up from time to time they may need to be investigated and remedial action taken to try and ensure as best we can, that they don’t happen again,” he said.

“At every club all of us are volunteers trying our best to do things right by our clubs and hopefully we can work together to make the game better – the club feels this is a serious issue that affects all clubs and would loath to see the result of a grand final or other important game clouded over this issue if it is not addressed and better procedures put in place.”

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