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The editor,
Nanjing Night Net

I write to you all to express my concern and some disgust at what I have read in the Whyalla News with regard to a dog park on Searle Street (the site of the old pool). What on earth are you thinking about spending $150,000 on yet another outside consultant/service provider – call it what you will – to landscape the said piece of land.

The guys of the parks department do an excellent job in Civic Park and have kept this pool area in good condition as well, so why cannot these guys continue to do the job?

There is one simple solution to this farce and I won’t charge you a cent for it – please use some common sense for once and just take the padlock off the locked gate and open it up – there!

Problem solved at no cost!

The rest of Civic Park has no fencing so why does this area have to have expensive fencing?

Solution: simply remove the old fence when you can – problem solved at very little cost!

As a council I urge you to come and join the real world where money, in this case ratepayers’ money, is spent wisely.

We, the ratepayers, are not a bottomless pit for you to exploit – we elected you to take care of our interests not your whimsical fancies.

Please start to act like a council and you may in time get more respect from the people who elected you in the first place.

Paul Holmes


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