Sporting Details

Sporting DetailsLDNA Netball
Nanjing Night Net

Draw for round 4.

Executive on duty Leanne Plackson-Karen Beltran; duty club Workies Comets; duty club 2pm to 3.30pm Portland Pumas.

9.30am Div 5 Ct 1 Wang Tigers v Workies Kitty Kats (umpires Donna Bennett and Maciee Heterick); Div 5 Ct 2 Workies Diamonds v Pink Panthers (Jordan Parsons and Molly Dregenberg).

11am Div 3 Ct 1 Wang Warriors v Workies Mocking Jays (Caitlyn Young and Annalise Elliott); Div 4 Ct 2 Workies Flames v Workies Monstars (Workies Blast and Leanne Plackson); Div 4 Ct 3 Wang Phoenix v Workies Dragonflies (Workies Fireworks and Paige Dowsett).

12.30 pm Div 2 Ct 1 Workies Angels v Portland Pumas (Beth Flynn [Misfits] and Connie Murphy; Div 2 Ct 2 Workies Blasts v Workies Domestic Darlings (Karen Lennon and Ebony Bastion; Div 3 Ct 3 Workies Little Mix v Workies Fireworks (Imogen Sharp and Karen Beltran).

2 pm Div 2 Ct 1 Workies Comets v Workies Combos (Tracey Parsons and Monique Rust); 2pm Div 2 Ct 2 Workies Vixens v Workies Firebirds (Kimberley Anderson and Connie Murphy (Hustlers); Div 2 Ct 3 Workies Waratahs v Omega Druids (Codie McManus and Beth Thurlow).

3.30pm: Ct 1 Workies Swifts v Omega Misfits (Cathy Turvey and Suzy Morris); Div 1 Ct 2 Henry’s Hustlers v Wallerawang (Jess Heath and Leanne Plackson).

Junior Hockey

Draw for May 3.

Under 15-: No hockey for 15/17 due to under 18 boys championships.

Under 13: 9.30am Field T1 WC Gold v Zig Zag (umpires Nicole McFadden, Abby Wilson); Field T2 WC Blue v Jays (Olivia Thurtell, Jemaya Staines (Beth Cook).

Under 11: 10.30pm Field T1 WC Gold v Zig Zag (Lachlan Christensen [Hilary Pilbeam], Makenzie Denley [Mal Boyden]; Field T2 WC Blue v Jays (Adam Neale [Paul Thurtell], Makenzie Stuart [Laurin Shirt].

Minkey Under 7: 11.30am Field T1 ZZ White v WC Panthers; Field T1 ZZ Black v WC Wolves; Field T2 WC Blues v Jays.

Noon: Field T1 WC Gold v ZZ White.

Minkey Under 9: 11.30pm Field T2 WC Blue v Zig Zag; noon Field T1 WC Checkers v WC Gold; Field T2 Zig Zag v Jays.

Senior Men’s Hockey

Draw for Saturday.

12.30pm Teals v WC Gold (ZZ Black-Hotshots).

2.40pm Hotshots v ZZ Blue (WC Blue-Teals).

3.50pm Hornets v ZZ Black (Hotshots-ZZ Blue).

Duty Club Hornets. Bye WC Gold.

Lithgow District Football

Draw for May 3.

Under 6 9am MF1 Thistle Blue v Workies Red; MF2 Workies Grey v Thistle White; MF3 LCR Black v LCR White; MF4 Workies White v Blackheath Gold; MF5 Workies Purple v Blackheath Green; 10am MF1 Thistle Red v Blackheath White; MF2 Workies Black v Wang.

Under 7 11am MF1 Thistle v Workies Red; MF2 Workies Black v LCR Black; MF3 Workies White v LCR White; MF4 Workies Grey v Blackheath Gold; MF5 LCR Blue v Blackheath Green.

Under 8 9am MF7 Workies Black v LCR; MF8 Wang v Blackheath Green; 10am MF7 Thistle v Workies Red; MF8 Workies White v Blackheath Gold.

Under 9 11am MF7 Workies Red v LCR; MF8 Workies Black v Blackheath Gold; 12.30pm MF7 Workies White v Blackheath Green.

Under 10 10am MF9 Thistle v Workies Black; 11am MF9 Workies Red v Workies White; 12.30pm MF9 Blackheath v Wang; LCR bye.

Under 12 8.30am MJ2 Thistle v LCR; MJ3 Wang v Workies Red; MJ4 Workies Black v Workies White; Blackheath Bye.

Under 14 10am MJ2 Workies Red v LCR; MJ3 Workies Black v Blackheath Gold; MJ4 Wang v Blackheath Green.

Under 16 Bye.

Ladies 1.15pm MJ2 Thistle v Blackheath Green; MJ3 Workies Red v Blackheath Gold; MJ4 LCR V Wang.

Men 11.30am MJ3 Workies White v Workies Grey; MJ4 LCR V Blackheath Gold; 3pm MJ3 Blackheath Green v Workies Black; MJ4 Workies Red v Thistle.

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